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Reflexology, Foot massage, Facial massage, spa treatment in New York, Juvenex Spa & Massage Manhattan NYC

Our Spa Services – Best Spa in New York – Private Couple Massage, Body Scrub

Our late night spa is opening 24hrs, we provide Romantic couples spa, getaway spa, facial massage, day spa, body scrub, sun tanning, an entire floor rental for Spa party, group party Spa, company party Spa. Juvenex Spa is the best spa in New York, near Midtown, Manhattan, Time Square, Washington square park, The High line, near Empire state building, Madison square park, New York Korean Town.

I have been going to this spa already for almost 5 years. It is truly my favorite spot in the city. I love the fact that Juvenex is open 24 hours a day. It is very clean, they always serve you with fresh fruits and drinks, and the therapists are very attentive and very sweet. I normally get massages, facials and bikini waxing. Kim is my girl she does magnificent job to my skin. And her waxing skills are almost painless. She is one of my favorite therapists there. Also I get different kind of massages. The therapists really know what they are doing. Their magic and firm touch bring me back to life after long hours of work. I truly recommend this place. Never need to stay on line, the therapists are always ready to attend to your needs and they always provide the best service with a big smile and very professional courtesy. Alexandra S. | New York, NY

Romantic Couple Getaway Package – Spa & Massage New York City NYC

The ultimate escape for couples for a special and memorable night. Perfect for couples celebrating a special occasion.

If you need immediate assistance, or would like to speak to someone, please call us at


Address: 25 west 32nd St, 5th Floor New York NY 10001

The Perfect Face Facial

The synergy of technology and nature give you the best in anti-aging treatments. Safe and effective Bio-Brasion provides deep exfoliating to refine the skin’s surface and prepare it for an application of the purest ingredients from plants and seaweed, nature’s natural anti-oxidants. Multiple treatments are recommended to achieve results for mature, over-exposed, uneven and lifeless skin.

It literally means ‘The Essence of Youth’. When you Rejuvenate, you are regaining Juvenex or youth.

Though we are located in Korea town and do offer Korean scrubs, we are a full service spa featuring services from Japan, Korea, France, Turkey, Persia, China and the United States.

Yes, please refer to the Jade Journey.

Yes, if you purchase up front, ten of the same service, treatment, or package, you will receive two complimentary sessions. In other words, 12 sessions for the price of 10. You will receive your total value in the form of a gift card. Keep in mind different services, treatments, and packages cannot be mixed for a total of 10.

Purification, Body scrub

The Purification Programs are designed to stimulate circulation and refine your skin’s texture to produce a soft, healthy glow. Experience tension and fatigue melt away, and these programs will quickly become an essential part of your monthly care regimen.

Release Relax Reconnect of your body

The environment is serene, the atmosphere is tranquil, our mission is to melt your stress and tension away. Salt Glow Body Scrub in New York City NYC near Empire state building, Madison Square Park. Relax, Retreat, Rejuvenate with Juvenex Spa’s Body Scrub.

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Juvenex Spa, located in Manhattan, New York, located in Korean town, Manhattan, has been providing high-quality services such as spa, massage, body scrubbing, and facial, Foot massage. This place is frequented by office workers, office workers, and tourists who are tired of city life, and provides a good service to relieve fatigue in a short time and take a break before moving on to the next destination.

Massage provides smooth relaxation by applying physical force to tight muscles, thereby facilitating the communication of stagnant Qi and blood in one place, as well as relieving muscle stiffness to increase activity capacity. It also helps in treating severe pain from mild stiff shoulders to neuralgia and discs


Juvenex Spa
Luxury 24/7 Spa in the heart of New York City NYC Manhattan

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul

Day Spa -Bath and Body Massage – Manhattan NYC


When you do body scrubbing, a moderate stimulus is applied to the skin, and the stimulation promotes blood circulation. The old dead skin cells come off and the skin looks smooth. It is particularly effective in removing dead skin cells on oily skin, and it physically removes dead skin cells that cover pores to prevent skin troubles such as acne.

Skin experts say that if you want to get rid of grime, it’s best to have a body scrubbing once a month. To remove dirt, soak your body in warm water for about 30 minutes and then push with uniform strength until a gray stain comes out along the skin texture. After bathing or showering, including grime, you should apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.


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